Special physique

All this takes place during bodybuilding and helps give the athlete a special physique.HGH has been associated with the bones and connective tissues of the human body.

HGH helps to calcify and strengthen the joints, ligaments, cartilages, tendons and bones of an athlete, making them fit.

HGH works with connective tissues to promote healing of injured skins and worn out tissues.

HGH also burns excessive fat and glucose stored in the blood vessels or subcutaneous parts of an athlete’s stomach.

Excessive fat slows down the Athlete’s performance and reduces their chances good performance.

HGH is also effective for bone growth. It acts on the growth plates in the Bone Cells and expands the Bones which causes the Athlete to grow taller even after he or she has passed the age of puberty.
HGH also aids the absorption of Calcium to strengthen the bones and make it stronger.

Side Effects of HGH on Athletes
In as much as HGH has a lot of positive health benefits and it is the safest type of hormone supplement used by athletes; there are also a few negative side effects to watch out for during treatment.
There is a tendency to see these side effects even when HGH is taken responsibly. Some of the common side effects include.

● Migraines
● Vomiting
● Lightheadedness
● Puffiness around the ankles and wrists
● Lack sensitivity on the Skin
● Hypothyroidism and
● Joint ache
In some cases of abuse or excessive dosage of HGH, it has led to a permanently bloated hand or feet and in some cases even organs.
Some athletes have experienced increased Blood Sugar level and Type-2 Diabetes which wears off once the Athlete discontinues the use of HGH.
You should always use HGH only with a Doctor’s prescription. It is very dangerous to get HGH shots on your own.

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February 13, 2017

HGH and Athletic Performance

HGH acts within the body by 2 major mechanisms.
There is the first non-fat mechanism where HGH for sale directly initiates the division and multiplication of Cells that make up the Cartilages (chondrocytes).
In the second mechanism, HGH acts within the body and is converted by the liver to an insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) which subsequently has a growth-stimulating effect on different tissues thereby promoting bone growth.
By acting through the 2 mechanisms explained above.

HGH helps in building and repairing muscles, bones and connective tissues.
It helps create maximum protein synthesis and energy generation that helps the body to be healthier and livelier.
Athletes are performance minded, so they seek for every means to be better. Athletes also pay lots of attention to their diet in addition to the rigorous training they subject their bodies to because a healthy diet influences the performance of an athlete.
Benefits Of HGH For Athletes
Athletes constantly undergo stress and need supplements to boost their energy and performance.
In some cases they need supplements that can help build their body, keep them fit, loose excess fats and give lasting energy.
Something that can help with extra strength and endurance during exercise or competitions.
This is where HGH comes in.
It provides extra energy by burning up available glucose and stored fat when athletes sleep. This gives the athlete energy to accomplish set tasks.HGH helps with muscle building. HGH targets and acts on specialized receptor cells which release growth hormones and certain chemical reactions that promotes the prolific growth of cells and tissues in the muscle.As these cells increases in size, it leads to hypertrophy (an abnormal enlargement of a body part or organ).
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February 13, 2017


Today there are many practices to enhance performance. We have experimented with human growth hormone, blood doping, steroids, and many other things.
Problem is, where do you draw the line? For each additive to performance there is a decrease in the glory factor.

Even energy drinks and protein/creatine supplements could be considered performance enhancing.
With that in mind, human growth hormone specifically has come into great scrutiny because it is such a powerful ingredient – yet it is produced by the body itself.
Taking human growth hormone and artifically infusing it, however, has proven to make “super men” and greatly increase advantage.
With that said, it is things like these that detract from glory, and the initial ideal of overcoming great physical challenges as an athlete that the Greeks developed.
Besides, I don’t think the Greeks even knew what human growth hormone was!
So what is HGH?
HGH is a small Protein that is secreted by the Pituitary Gland into the blood stream. The production of HGH usually takes place at night or during lengthy naps during the day.
HGH is a one of the hormones in the body in charge of growth.
It is produced in large quantities in children, peaks at puberty and declines in production from 30 years upward.
HGH for sale is associated with several growth tissues in the body, especially of bones and Cartilage.
It also boosts Protein production, promotes the consumption of fat, interferes with the action of Insulin, and raises Blood Sugar levels.
HGH also raises the levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1).
HGH is used in Sports Therapy as it helps Athletes perform better.
In some cases HGH has the same performance enhancing qualities as steroids but the difference is that unlike steroids, HGH cannot be found in a urine test making almost undetectable.
Is HGH Legal?
Physicians prescribe HGH to patients who are having muscle-wasting disorders such as people living with HIV and AIDS, those who are ‘vertically impaired’ and those who have a severe bone or HGH deficiency.
In Countries like the USA, anyone found selling, buying, possessing, or using HGH without a medical prescription or license from the health commission would be arrested for illegal possession of drugs.
I have found HGH for sale in most Pharmacies as it is used for medical therapy but you still need a doctors prescription before attempting to use it.
February 13, 2017