Today there are many practices to enhance performance. We have experimented with human growth hormone, blood doping, steroids, and many other things.
Problem is, where do you draw the line? For each additive to performance there is a decrease in the glory factor.

Even energy drinks and protein/creatine supplements could be considered performance enhancing.
With that in mind, human growth hormone specifically has come into great scrutiny because it is such a powerful ingredient – yet it is produced by the body itself.
Taking human growth hormone and artifically infusing it, however, has proven to make “super men” and greatly increase advantage.
With that said, it is things like these that detract from glory, and the initial ideal of overcoming great physical challenges as an athlete that the Greeks developed.
Besides, I don’t think the Greeks even knew what human growth hormone was!
So what is HGH?
HGH is a small Protein that is secreted by the Pituitary Gland into the blood stream. The production of HGH usually takes place at night or during lengthy naps during the day.
HGH is a one of the hormones in the body in charge of growth.
It is produced in large quantities in children, peaks at puberty and declines in production from 30 years upward.
HGH for sale is associated with several growth tissues in the body, especially of bones and Cartilage.
It also boosts Protein production, promotes the consumption of fat, interferes with the action of Insulin, and raises Blood Sugar levels.
HGH also raises the levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1).
HGH is used in Sports Therapy as it helps Athletes perform better.
In some cases HGH has the same performance enhancing qualities as steroids but the difference is that unlike steroids, HGH cannot be found in a urine test making almost undetectable.
Is HGH Legal?
Physicians prescribe HGH to patients who are having muscle-wasting disorders such as people living with HIV and AIDS, those who are ‘vertically impaired’ and those who have a severe bone or HGH deficiency.
In Countries like the USA, anyone found selling, buying, possessing, or using HGH without a medical prescription or license from the health commission would be arrested for illegal possession of drugs.
I have found HGH for sale in most Pharmacies as it is used for medical therapy but you still need a doctors prescription before attempting to use it.
February 13, 2017

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